Study visit in Leverkusen

Study visit in Leverkusen


Two football players of my own klub FC Kiraly took part of the trainings in the Leverkusen U19 team.



This summer I returned to my former clubs. I was at Hertha Berlin, I visited Crystal Palace in London, and the last week of August I was in Leverkusen. I have spend 18 years abroad as a professional goalkeeper, and I would like to benefit my experience for my company Kiralysport. I am so grateful for my former clubs to cooperate with us, and helping us to progress. These study visits are being made to pen Kiralysport up to new ways.

It was big motivation for the junior footballplayers of FC Kiraly to be there, to take part of the trainings in Leverkusen.

Tanks a lot for Leverkusen's team. We will continue....